The Antikythera Mechanism

I read a book sometime back that describes many historic artifacts that have been discovered, but are generally not well known (or published) because they cause many problems for the secular humanists.  One of these artifacts is the Antikythera Mechanism.  It is an object that was discovered on a ship on the bottom of the Aegean Sea from before the time of Christ.  It was found in the year 1901 and was encrusted from being underwater for so long.  The mechanism is (was) a bunch of gears and dials inside of a metal box originally made of bronze.  It was named after the island Antikythera near which it was found.  It was cleaned and studied for many years, but nothing really came of it until 1950, when Derek de Solla Price began to study it.  He concluded that it was a calculator of some sort.  Later in 1974, the gammaradiography technique became available to analyze the artifact.  Price was then allowed to look beneath the corroded metal case and to focus on the depths of the box.  Inside the box are over thirty extremely complex, high-quality, bronze gears.  Price ultimately concluded that the device was used to compute solar and lunar cycles.  He made a working model of the device and found that it could accurately calculate the positions of all of the planets in our Solar System.  It is essentially an analog computer that was used by an ancient people.  The gear works were so intricate that modern gear works would be challenged to match the workmanship.  Since, I have personally visited gear making shops and observed the gear making process, I have a special appreciation for this last statement – gear making is a very precise process.  The point of all this is that an ancient people had the machinery and capability to manufacture these very precise gears.  This is contrary to modern teaching that man is evolving to become smarter and more intelligent.  It is consistent with the Biblical view that man was created substantially more intelligent than today and has lost much of his ability and health over time due to genetic mutation (due to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden).  Perhaps this Antikythera Mechanism was used by navigators just after the flood, although modern secular scientists date it at between 150 and 60 B.C.  Either way it confounds the scientists that something this complex and old exists.  There is considerable evidence that the maritimers of old had maps of the entire world – and that they were very accurate.  This is only one artifact mentioned in the book I read, The Puzzle of Ancient Man: Evidence for Advanced Technology in Past Civilizations. 

February 23, 2018

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